Jurassic Rescue

Jurassic Rescue

Jurassic Rescue

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Come help your dinosaur friends escape! They have been locked in cages, scattered all over the landscape, and are counting on you and the Tyrannosaurus Rex to set them free! Children, together with the T-Rex set off on a trip across the country to save these dinosaur friends!

In this game your children are at the controls of the T-Rex, navigating through the forest to rescue the beautiful Pterodactylus, then head for the mountains to save the awesome Chasmosaurus. Next you’re on to the desert where Pachycephalosaurus is awaiting your help, and don’t forget the Protoceratops! Wait! Be careful of the Raptor!

Jurassic Rescue has 4 different and beautiful scenes, along with 7 interesting dinosaur species. If your child is a fan of dinosaurs, get this fun game now!

• 4 game scene
• more than 40 interactive animations to discover
• Great for toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5
• No third-party advertising

Children love it and parents trust this Yateland designer's vision!